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Synesso™ has been producing Cyncra Espresso Machines in Seattle WA since July 2004.

Synesso Machine Models

Here at Synesso, we have engineered a machine that is full of Standards, not Options. We believe our customers deserve the best. All machines have a programmable Power Save Mode, to conserve energy in the off hours. Our technical and owner's manuals are now paperless, embedded in a Synesso 1 GB USB drive that will be included with every machine allowing our customers to keep technical guides, model information, updates and bulletins within reach in Digital Form.  We hope you appreciate the efforts we have put forth as much as we appreciate those of you who are loyal to the love of coffee.

In addition to building machines, our team also provides installation, routine maintenance and emergency service throughout the Puget Sound area and are always happy to provide technical assistance over the phone. We have a full stock of parts and accessories for your machines and work hard to make sure you have everything you need.

Customization options for machines include Digital Shot Timers on all models, Cup risers for your small espresso cups, steam wand tip sizes (low or high flow), and portafilters. We offer bottomless (aka "Naked") or spouted (double or single) portafilters, all hard handled, 15 degree style with your choice of baskets: 7, 14, 18 or 21 gram. See our Parts and Accessories page for more information.

STANDARD in all models include: Separate brew boilers, safari rack, Synesso Wired Controller, Piezo hot water button (programmable), preinfusion timers, programmable temperatures for each brew group, Reed switches in the group head eliminating wear parts (say goodbye to cherry switches), removable heat exchanger tubes,  cool touch steam wands, high volume drain outlet with greater tray slope,  cup warming trays, automatic backflush cycle, and Programmable Power Save Mode.

STANDARD in Hydra purchases: If you buy a Hydra (multiple pump/motor unit), we have engineered a HYBRID machine that can function with a Volumetric group head next to a Manual group head. On the Hydra model, there will be no extra cost for you to mix and match the group heads.

Imagine the possibilities.......

What is YOUR ultimate form of expression?

Cyncra: Synesso benchmark in Design, Quality, and Performance. With enhanced standard features, the Cyncra will be a brilliant addition to any cafe. For more information on the Cyncra, click here.

Hydra:   Continues the success story of the Cyncra, but designed to answer the needs of individual water systems in the form of independent pumps/motors for each group head. This allows for high volume applications, unmatched reliability,  simultaneous preinfusion, and individual pressure control.  Customers may choose to add a bypass function to each motor for 4 Stage pressure ramping in order to extract  the coffee's full potential. This enables pressure profiling on each individual group head simultaneously without interrupting your other shots. Click here for more Hydra information.

Hybrid: A first in the industry. Technological advancement that mixes both Manual and Volumetric machines. *HYDRA UNITS ONLY!!  Place your most experienced Barista on the manual, and teach on the volumetric keypad... all on one machine. Full control over your coffee, and ultimate consistency...while you are away or serving behind the bar. Click here for more information about the Hybrid.

Sabre: Answers the need for volumetric dosing in high end cafes where speed and consistency is of the essence. Easily programmable, adjusted, and saved in the palm of your hand. Click here for more information about the Sabre.

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