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Machine Highlights

Some of the features that separate Synesso machines from other commercial machines are shown here in our portfolio and discussed in further detail on our "Features and Benefits" page.

These include:

  • Synesso Wired Controller
  • Individual brew groups: temperature control and stability for ideal roast extraction
  • Classic, streamlined design
  • State of the Art Electronics
  • Integrated pre-infusion timers
  • Piezo Hot Water Switch
  • Reed switches in manual group heads to decrease wear parts
  • Cool touch steam wands
  • Hybrid ability on the Hydra: Volumetric and Manual machine in one
  • Digital Shot Timers (option)
  • Bypasses on the motors for 4 Stage Pressure Ramping (option on Hydra only)

Cup Risers
Cup Risers Synesso Shot Glass
Integrated Safari Rack Cup Warmer Rack
Digital Shot Timers LIVE State of the Art Synesso Electronics
Volumetric Keypads Piezo Hot Water Button
Digital Shot Timers Filter basket choices
Ruby Jet Pressure gauge
Electrical Box and Wired Controller Group Tops Actuators with Magnets and Reed Switches
Synesso Wired Controller Hydra with Bypasses for 4 Stage Pressure Ramping
Welding Brew Tanks Bottomless portafilters
New Logo Jeremy's latte art
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